Meet Kyle - a Systems Administrator and Cyber Security Compliance specialist based in Portland, but a man of many hometowns. He grew up in Modoc County, a rural part of California where he learned to appreciate the simple things in life. But as a young adult, Kyle's wanderlust took over and he moved around a lot, experiencing different perspectives. Despite his nomadic lifestyle, he managed to earn a BS in Information and Technology and build a successful career in IT. Kyle is also a Search and Rescue volunteer, an amateur photographer, and a lover of dad jokes. When he's not saving the world (or at least his clients' data), you can find him exploring the great outdoors with his wife Mae, their two cats, and dog.


System Administrator, Brandlive 2021-Present

Brandlive is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) enterprise that specializes in organizing top-notch hybrid events for corporations. Their popularity skyrocketed after being utilized by the Biden campaign. As the inaugural IT personnel hired by the company, I am responsible for developing their IT infrastructure from scratch. A crucial aspect of my role involves routinely collaborating with team leaders to identify their pain points, exploring potential solutions, and implementing them.

  • Collaborated with HR and leadership to develop IT Policies and optimize the onboarding/off boarding wokflow.
  • Conducted extensive research and successfully implemented various solutions including Mobile Device Management, Password Manager, Backup Solutions, Ticketing Solution, Project Management, and Internal Documentation Solutions.
  • Proactively engaged with team leads on a regular basis to identify pain points within their teams, and subsequently researched and proposed effective solutions to improve their workflow.
  • Successfully orchestrated a seamless and comprehensive migration of the entire company's data from one platform to another.
  • Designed and implemented robust processes and controls that enabled the organization to attain SOC 2 compliance, ensuring adherence to the highest industry standards.
  • Proactively prioritized and addressed daily service desk tickets in a timely manner, ensuring efficient and seamless IT support for the organization.
  • Successfully managed IT purchasing and vendor relationships, ensuring optimal value for the organization.
  • Expertly configured and administered a range of company SAAS applications, including Google Workspaces, Slack, JIRA, Zendesk, Loom, Password Manager, and Web Domains, among others, to enable efficient and effective workflows.

Volunteer Searcher, Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue 2021-Present

Pacific Northwest Search and Rescue (PNWSAR) is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing search and rescue assistance for people who are lost or injured in the outdoors. We provide ground search teams and other SAR resources to the official agencies responsible for search and rescue activities in our region. We are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond quickly when called by the Sheriff at any time, day or night, and are equipped and able to operate in challenging weather and terrain. In 2021, PNWSAR members collectively donated 9,170 hours over 38 mission operational periods and 54 scheduled trainings.

System Administrator, Phylos Bioscience 2019-2021

Phylos Bioscience is a biotechnology company that specializes in plant genetics research, offering testing and breeding services for the cannabis industry. As the first IT person at Phylos Bioscience, I played a crucial role in establishing and maintaining the company's IT infrastructure.

  • Proficiently installed, configured, and maintained software, hardware, and networks across multiple platforms, including Mac OS X, Windows, Linux (Ubuntu & Fedora), Android, iOS, and Chrome OS, among others.
  • Successfully managed IT purchasing and vendor relationships, optimizing procurement processes and ensuring seamless operations.
  • Developed and maintained comprehensive internal documentation, providing valuable resources for troubleshooting and training purposes.
  • Proactively prioritized and resolved daily service desk tickets in a timely and effective manner, ensuring minimal disruption to operations.
  • Expertly configured and administered a range of company SAAS applications, including Google Workspaces, Slack, JIRA, Smart-Sheets, Asset Managers, Password Manager, Github, and Domains, among others, to enable efficient and effective workflows.
  • Regularly engaged with team leads to identify pain points within their teams, researching and proposing effective solutions to improve their workflow and productivity.
  • Conducted extensive research and successfully implemented a range of IT systems, including ticketing systems, security systems, networks, password managers, project management software, check-in/out systems, and others, optimizing IT operations and enhancing organizational efficiency..

Genius, Apple Inc. 2012-2019

As a Genius, I provide insightful advice and friendly, hands-on technical support to Apple customers in need. I quickly diagnose product issues on the spot, explaining situations with patience and empathy. After determining whether repairs can be done or a replacement is needed, I offer solutions to quickly get users up and running again. Even if I am juggling more than one customer, I stay conscious of their time demands as well as my own. I fulfill Appleā€™s service commitment with style, speed, and skill. And I earn the trust of customers and coworkers alike as I offer guidance, knowledge, and even tips and training.

HomeKit QA Engineer, Apple Inc. 2016

This was a 6 month internship where I would test the quality of third party accessories that work with HomeKit. I created testing tools and wrote test cases for HomeKit. I also created an inventory database that tracks these third party accessories. I would work closely with multiple teams to make sure these accessories hit the shelves with little to no bugs.


BS Information and Technology, Northern Arizona University, 2021

Classes Taken:

  • BBA 305W (Business Communications)
  • BBA 370 (Admin IT Secuirty & Assurance)
  • BBA 460 (Current Topics in IT)
  • BBA 465C (Technology Management Project)
  • CIT 121 (Foundations of CIT)
  • CIT 127 (Computer Info Tech I)
  • CIT 137 (Computer Info Tech II)
  • CIT 213 (Intro to Web Programming)
  • CIT 221 (Programming Fundamentals)
  • CIT 222 (Business Systems Software Development)
  • CIT 250 (Design & Analysis/Data Structures)
  • CIT 294 (Tech Info Literacy)
  • CIT 311 (Analysis, Design & Database Modeling)
  • CIT 321 (Fundamentals Hardware and Operating Systems)
  • CIT 341 (Management & Info Technology)
  • CIT 361 (Fundamentals of IT and Product Management)
  • PLD 450 (Interdisciplinary Applied Project)
  • STAT 271 (Introduction to Statistics)
  • COMU 302 (Stereotypes & The Media)
  • CSTU 366 (Communication and Social Movements)
  • HIST 232 (Islamic Culture Since 1500)
  • HIST 205 (World History)
  • HUMA 121 (The Act Of Meaning-Making)
  • HUMA 372 (Ethics, Values, & Technology)
  • PHSI 102L (Everyday Physical Science)
  • PLD 300 (Interdisciplinary Study)
  • SCIN 281 (Astronomy (Solar System))
  • ENGL 106 (Reading Evaluation and Composing Writing)
  • MATH 115 (Quantiative & Analytical Calculus)
  • SCIN 115 (Quantiative & Analytical Calculus)
  • SCIN 182 (Green Technologies and Water Management)
  • SCIN 293 (AST(Stars/Galaxies))
  • SCIN 301 (Science, Religion, and Reality)
  • SCIN 302 (Relevance of Science and Technology)


  • Apple Certified Macintosh Technician 2013
  • Apple Certified Portable Technician 2013
  • Web Coding Certification 2012